When a door slams in your face, try a different door!

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It’s so funny how the world works.

There was a wearable art contest at my fashion school.

The instructions were– make a dress out of any material. Be Creative. Don’t just use fabric. They said all the dresses would be on display in the showroom, and students would vote on the top 3.

I’d always dreamed of making a light up dress, and took this opportunity to try for the first time. I was going to make my dress out of wires, fibers, and lights.

I immersed myself in studying electronics. I bought myself a soldering iron, and began experimenting with LED’s and spent hundreds of hours weaving my own fabric out of fiber optic filaments. I played with El Wire, and a couple different forms of light up technology, until I was finally happy with this design. I wanted that extra added layer of shine, so I added mirrors and crystals for the light within the dress to reflect outward.

I showed up at school with my first ever light up dress, and set it up in the show room, with all the other students wearable art pieces. I anxiously awaited the contest winners to be announced.

To my surprise, my dress was no longer in the showroom. In fact I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Apparently, the dean of the fashion department, thought my dress was so bad, she decided she wanted it hidden in a closet.

I was so hurt, embarrased, deflated, and sad, and before trashing or burning this creation that I’d poured my whole self into for the last couple months, I decided to dry my tears, and call wedding photographer, Dana Grant, to see if she’d be interested in taking some photos of the dress.

That weekend Dana came over, with models and a makeup crew, and after seeing the photos, I decided to submit the images to London’s Rock N Roll Bride, because, why not?!

And guess what… my light up dress, that wasn’t even good enough to sit in a room with a bunch of students projects, was now featured in my favorite Wedding Magazine / Blog!!! … Maybe it was just too cool for school 😉

But in all seriousness, to all the creatives out there, when a door slams in your face, please don’t give up. Just look for the right door. Because there are sooooo many doors!!!

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