This Artist brings Visions to LIFE through her Creative Free Spirit.

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Krystal is so free in the way she creates. I love working with her on photo shoots because I bring my crazy designs, and my crazy ideas, and she takes my vision and turns it into something more crazy and incredibly over the top awesome than I could have EVER imagined. She is so creative with tons of passion, always thinking of the bigger picture. She is full of adventure, I love that we feed off each others creative energy. If I make a dress out of candy, she makes an incredible wig out of cotton candy covered in jelly beans to go with it.

When I put my crazy designs on my models, they start to come to life… but after Krystal steps in and does their hair and makeup, bam. I’m often so moved it makes me cry. She’s amazing. She has been flown out to NY to work with top designers and high fashion models, and is hired by celebrities to go to their house and be their personal stylist. If I could, I would have her do every photo shoot I ever put together… I’ve also had her do my makeup and hair for my times that I need to wear some lipstick, like my wedding or my engagement photo shoot, if I ever need head shots, she’s even met me before trade shows to help spice up my booth and my look! AND she also does little kids face painting, which is so much fun! I met her at Disneyland with my daughter, and she brought her little girl, and she painted both of their faces and I dressed them up in tutus and they just had the funnest time ever.

Her style is a bit rock/chic mixed with casual . She follows her heart, changes her hair color with her mood, she always looks awesome, weather her hair is half shaved or all hot pink.

She believes God has a plan and a future for her greater than she can imagine. She thrives on giving love to others who are less fortunate and for those who deserve it. Loves nature and surrounding herself with the beauty God made for her, and she can find happiness even in the darkest of times.

Her goal is to inspire others through her work, accomplishments, words, and how she never gives up. “Because this life is not easy.” And she  always needs constant encouragement herself, which she gets through reading and praying a lot.

Krystal is a hidden gem! She’s always the first person I call when I have the next crazy design that I need photographed. She is the best of the best of the best when it comes to a total free spirited makeup and hair stylist to bring my dream to life.

Keep it up Krystal! Can’t wait for our next project! You are a total rock star. And so much fun to work with. She makes every day of work feel like an adventure. Best attitude ever. And the most reliable person in the world. Seriously, I’l never forget the day she drove 2 hours when she was 8 months pregnant and had the worst cold ever! Such an inspiring soul!

Here are a couple of the shoots we collaborated on.

Photo by Laura Grier in Dillons Candy Bar with Clothing and Accessories I made with Barbara Lwanga for our Tutu Yummy Project. Krystal did the Pink Cotton Candy wig and makeup on Nora Merschel. With the Yellow hair is Milanya Maria, hair and makeup by Cindy Sterling!!!


Another awesome shot by Laura Grier– I made this dress out of a bunch of white mens clothing I found at a local thrift store. Look at the awesome hair and makeup by Krystal.

Laura Grier took this amazing shot at the Original Farmers Market at Bennets Ice Cream Shop!

Krystal did all hair and makeup on Nora Merschel and Milanya Maria. I made the dresses, accessories and crazy ice cream cone shoes!


This shoot was actually the first time I met Krystal! She showed up at a photo shoot for my crazy pink carousel dress, and it turned out our makeup artist flaked that day! Krystal was just supposed to do hair, but she is such a team player and SUCH a rock star! That she saved the day and did it all. Model: Nora Merschel, Photo by Shawn Adeli. And to then there’s a shot of me behind the scene at another Shawn Adeli shoot, in a crazy rainbow dress I made for myself! She of course did my hair and makeup for that too.


Here’s a shoot of my husband and I at our engagement photo shoot, where we threw that Holi Color rainbow powder at each other. Krystal did my hair and makeup for that too! Photo by Curtis Dahl. Oh, and there she is doing my makeup at my wedding!

These are some of my favorite productions… Here are some of the shoots we did with Cloak Photography. My Rainbow wedding dress on Nora Merschel, Hair and Makeup by Krystal. Amazing wig by Coco Coquette!!! Check out that incredible post production work by Cloak! Seriously, that guy can do anything.

Another Cloak Photography collaboration. Here is my wedding dress at the Iconic Vintage Carousel at Santa Monica Pier! Hair and Makeup by Krystal. Model: Jaynee Silvers. Makeup by Dee Castro, Hair Styling: Krystal X Kaos. Dress and Veil by Evey. Photo by Leon Jimenez of Cloak Photography. Location: The Historic Santa Monica Pier Carousel (contact Jim Harris to inquire about booking private events)

Here are more Cloak Photography Wedding Shots, All my clothing and accessories, all hair and makeup done by Krystal.

Models: Moriah Zagaglia and Dolemite Ninja Master III Esquire Finklestein. Brides Hair by Kristine Miyasato and Jackie McWilliams, Makeup by Ericka Zamora of Salon Tru. Mens Grooming: Dee Castro, Hair Styling: Krystal X Kaos. Dress and Veil by Evey. Mens Clothing by Friar Tux. Photos by Melinda Torres of Cloak Photography.

Models: left image: Jenny Boa, upper right: Elizabeth Maher and Nicholas Miller, lower right: Noa Tsanhani and Ian Donovan. Brides Hair by: Cory Yamashiro and Lauren Nagy, Brides Makeup by Kate Kashtanava of Salon Tru. Grooms Hair by Krystal X Kaos, Mens Grooming by Dee Castro. Dresses and Brides Shoes by Evey, Mens Clothing by Friar Tux. Flowers by Blomst Los Angeles, Photos by: Leon Jimenez of Cloak Photography.

Models: Rachel Satterfield and Stephen Kerr. Brides hair by: Lauren Nagy and Makeup: Kate Kashtanava of Salon Tru. Men’s Grooming: Dee Castro, Hairstyling: Krystal X Kaos. Dress and Shoes by Evey. Mens Clothing by Friar Tux. Location: Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. Left Image by Noel Anderson and Right Image by Melinda Torres of Cloak Photography.

And here is Krystal and I at one of our shows. LOVE THIS GIRL!




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