Once you clarify WHAT you want, and start to go after it, the world, will align to bring you closer to it.

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Elise Rorick is an enchantment photographer and artist with a curious, adventurous soul and belief in magic. She hustles and finds balance while getting things done, and manages to stay inspired, excited and human through it all.

She believes that “You are the universe in ecstatic motion and that “You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day you will find yourself again.”

She is a free spirit to her core. Constantly journeying to find more of herself, pursuing her curiosity and the sparks of inspiration she is lucky enough to receive, which are the foundation upon which she has built everything, including her incredible Starlight Journal.

She believes that life is all about the process of searching the sea, the stars, nature, art, stories, and other sources of wild inspiration, to constantly keep finding yourself, because all of life is just about finding/inventing yourself because we are all constantly growing and evolving.

Creativity fuels her soul and she knows that doing more of it can only be better.

She often gets a bolt of divine inspiration which leads her to create.

She believes in the magic of people. Of what they can do and achieve with passion and love and determination. Of how they can connect with other people and the world around them on a daily basis. She believes that there is a powerful type of magic in human connections, that emotions are how we connect, and she has made it her mission to capture and spread that magic and imagination to inspire the world.

And she believes that collaboration-when two or more creative souls come together to better express their creative gifts-that, is where the true magic happens.

She developed her Starlight Journal to help other creative souls, and dreams of creating an art/creativity retreat and community space that focuses on art, creation, community, and holistic wellness all equally.

Her life is a magical adventure full of constant art creation.

She believes that what the world needs most is community and connection. “We are living in a wild new world of technology advancing so fast it makes our head spin. And we are more connected now than ever, to everyone in the entire world, which is AMAZING, and is leading to amazing collaborations and creations and just truly revolutionary work being done as people are able to come together for common goals. BUT I think that we go a little too hard and fast at the technology at times, and since it is so new and always changing, I think we are all still learning how to keep the balance, and how to cultivate and grow our genuine real life in person connections, to our loved ones and our community and to nature, and I think that above all, what we all need most is just more of that true in person community connection. That is part of what feeds the Starlight Journal and all of the goals I have for after. Connection. To ourselves, to each other, and to the divine/spiritual realm, whatever or however you practice that. “

I asked her if she had any advice to people who might want to feel more alive, and she said: “I think the best way to both slow down/embrace joy and be more in touch with the moment is just to take a breath. It’s SO simple that it sounds stupid, but just pausing regularly throughout the day to just go inward and take a deep mindful breath can literally change your life.”

Since she is so good at chasing her dreams, I asked her if she had any advice for other people who are dreaming of chasing theirs, and she said: “I think that chasing dreams is actually crucial to our happiness as well. And I think the first, biggest, most crucial step that a lot of people skip, is just getting really clear on what it is that you actually want. Because once you do that, your entire physiology will align towards that goal and it will become infinitely easier. You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t actually know where that is or what it looks like. And once you do, you just have to do the hard work that it will take to get there, and not give up when you stumble. “Fall down seven times, stand up eight,” as the saying goes. Failure is not failure, it’s just a setback. It’s just how we learn. It’s how we grow and become better. If you’re spiritual at all (which I am), and even if you’re not, there is all sorts of evidence, both anecdotal and scientific, that also supports the idea that once you actually get crystal clear on WHAT you want, and start to go after it, not just yourself, but your whole world, THE whole world, will actually align to that goal and bring you “coincidences” that will bring you closer to it.”

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