Follow your dreams , do it for yourself and don’t think about fame or money.

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They just looked so free, and so alive, and so into the moment.
I had the amazing honor of getting to interview them for the blog and I am so inspired. 

Q: Do you consider yourselves free spirits?

A: Yes, we are free spirits, all together, doing the music that we like. Our cover videos were spontaneous and thanks to the internet, with all the views, we became as free as a person who lives with his passion. Now, we make music for fun and also music became our job. We feel even more free when we share our music on stage and in front of the public. The magic of music provides us this freedom that we are all searching for in our lives.
Q: How would you define a free spirit?
A: Free spirit is when you can be yourself, a complete you, no matter what others persons think about you. Being a free spirit is caring for ourselves and for the people we love.
A free spirit has the chance to travel, discover others cultures, understand the world and how it works. Free spirit is having the freedom to do what you want to do, just for a passion, and without thinking of material things. Maybe it’s a little bit utopian but “positive hope” is also a freedom that it’s important to have.
Q: What inspired you to play on the street? 
A: Actually we never played on the street, we’ve just shot the video of summer 2015! And it was because we made concerts in this city (Lacanau, France), we liked the environment with the sea and everything, it was perfect for a “summer” clip. So we were inspired by the moment, the city and our spontaneity.
Q: What inspired you to wear those clothes? (or not wear shoes)
A: We didn’t think about wearing these clothes or others, again it was the spontaneity who was speaking. The atmosphere of holidays, clothes that we wear on the beach (that’s why we don’t wear shoes neither… it’s so hard to walk on the sand with!), it wasn’t premeditated.
Q: Tell me about your band, your friendship, background, what is life like for you guys now? and where do you plan to go?
A: For us the most difficult thing was to separate time when we are friends and time when we are music partners. For three years we learned about that and how to speak with each other as colleagues. Also we have known each other since childhood (we met when we were 1 year old…) and this experience of creating music together and forming the band started five years ago and has strengthened our friendship even more. We made a tour for two years and performed 200 concerts in France, Australia, New Caledonia, Montreal, New-York and Austin for the SXSW! It was very intense. Last year we started to write our own songs and stop for a moment covers, we wanted to create and composed our own world, with lyrics in french, still with three voices and a cello but also with more rhythmic production. We write about our friendship with the title (traducing) “Russian Dolls” that it’s also the title of our album which came out the 8th of June!
Q: What are your thoughts on chasing dreams, trying to reach a certain goal, for example– becoming musicians/ or a band… what would you say to people with a dream to do this… what do you feel it takes?
A: It’s very important to follow our dreams because if you believe in it, there is no reason that you fail. But it’s important to do it for yourself or for/with persons you love and don’t think about fame or money. We believe a lot in karma, and less you think about the result and more to seize the moment, better will be your expectations. Do it for joy, to share, to learn about you, that’s the most important.
Q: What has been your most rewarding/ exciting moment through your adventure of music?
A: Our entire tour was fabulous… But travel on others countries to make music was the most exciting. We loved playing in Montreal at the Olympia, the public was awesome and very kind with us. And also we were invited to play for the closing of “Festival de Cannes” two years ago, it was very impressive to sing in front of the biggest directors and actors in the entire world.
Here you can find them on social media, and if you haven’t watched their video a thousand times already like I have, here it is below.
So much talent. Soak it up.
Keep up the awesome work girls. It is SOOOOOO inspiring.

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