Don’t care what people think, do what makes you happy.

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One of my favorite instagram accounts belongs to Enchanted Rainbow.

From her amazing rainbow dreadlocks to her beautiful piercings, she is all about good vibes, freedom and just being herself.

Such an inspiring free spirit!

I got to ask her some questions for the blog and here are her responses.

Q: Do you consider yourself a free spirit?

A: Do I consider myself a free spirit? Yes, for sure! I do as I please with my appearance and my lifestyle. I do what makes me happy, and I don’t restrict myself with anything I do what I want 🙂

Q: What hobbies or activities make u feel most free?

A: I love listening/ watching music, I think its an extremely powerful and beautiful thing as it can affect you mode in the best of ways. I also really enjoy Travelling, going on countryside hikes and doddle Drawing… O! and decorating my Dreadlocks of course! 😉

Q: How would you advise other people to be/ feel more free spirited

A: Hmm, it sounds so cliche but just really don’t care what people think, do what makes you happy and comfortable within yourself, it makes you a lot happier, content and feeling free is a great feeling. Hang around in the right circle of people/animals/objects/nature they can all maybe give you some inspiration  to feel more free 🙂

Check out her instagram:

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